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Wedding first dances

I can choreograph and teach your first dance for you and your partner to your chosen music in the privacy of my dance studio. Even if you, your partner or both of you have never danced before I can work out a routine that you will both be comfortable and happy with. I will work with you over as many lessons as you choose, to perfect your dance and tailor it to your abilities and wishes.

Being a full time dance teacher means that I can be very flexible with lessons to fit in with your lifestyle.

I have been teaching first dances for over 10 years and have a lot of experience in helping couples find their natural abilities, choose suitable music & feel at ease so they can really enjoy their very special day.

Please call me on 07810 750950 or email to discuss your desires

£35 per hour tuition

“The dance went really well, it made a great part of our wedding, thank you x”

Neil & Lynne

“Learning our first dance with Nicholette was one of our favourite parts of preparing for our wedding. It was really a fun thing to do together as couple and a good way to get some exercise at the same time. Nicholette was a brilliant teacher and really made the experience for us. I cannot recommend the experience highly enough .”

Anna & Andrew

“It went down really well, we are both so pleased we decided to get your help with it! Thank you so much for your patience and time!

We were surprised when our photographer informed us he had managed to get a video of the entire dance! Obviously when we view it back with a critical eye we can both see a few little “wobbly steps” (maybe the wine!) but we were both so pleased with how it went on the day and really gave it our best!! All the guests have been commenting on how great it looked also! It was such an amazing experience and was one of the best decisions we made! - definitely a talking point for a long time to come!”

Hayley & Jon

“ We were keen to do something a little different for our first dance rather than the usual shuffle around the dance floor so enlisted the help of Nicholette. As you can see from the looks of sheer astonishment on our guest’s faces, Nicholette’s patience and wonderfully creative choreography paid off - we almost look accomplished!! …thank you so much for coming up with a first dance that we will never forget.”

Adam & Frances


Nicholette Pollard Wedding first dances in Exeter Devon


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